Poetry: A Smashed Flower

I stop walking and lower my foot,
As I look at the sad remains
Of what was once a lively bloom,
Now one with the concrete plane.

The petals have been ground to just color
Disconnected from the stem.
The center is spread as if reaching
To gather the petals again.

The stem has shared its life juice
With the ants so prudently busy.
Though sad, in a way, and lonely,
There is still a peaceful beauty.

The petals of yellow, recklessly spread
‘Round the center of orange and gray.
The stem of green, leaking pale sap,
Is pretty, in its own way.

I walk away from that smashed flower,
Pondering on its fate.
I hope I can learn the lesson it gives
Before, for me, it’s too late.

There will be various trials and tests
In this uphill climb of life.
May I give beauty for smashes and pain,
Making peace in all the strife.

The Lord Almighty, the Great Shepherd,
The One who patiently leads me
Through the dark valley, by the still waters,
His beauty he’ll lovingly give me.

By Virginia C. McCoy

copyright 2020

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