Shire Mare and Her Foal

This is a charcoal that I quickly did sort of like eating sorbet between courses to cleanse the palate. I needed to do something to cleanse my mind of the portrait of Mr. K. I think I need to cleanse my mind between all of my portraits. After Mr. K., I immediately plunged into another portrait, but it wasn’t working, so I decided to do this horse. Even though it is only “sorbet”, I like it. LOL!

Yesterday, it was very rainy and stormy. It didn’t really get going until we were in the grocery store shopping for Mamoo (Mr. Beloved’s mother). We got soaked. It was not raining when we dropped off the groceries. It rained again as we were taking Mamoo out for supper. We need the rain and am very glad for it, but it is so funny that it only rained really hard when we were trying to get in or out of buildings. This weekend is a community yard sale in our neighborhood. We have one every quarter. We will be ready for the next one, in September.

By the way, for all you Mount Vernon people who read this: The Leesburg high school mascot is the yellow jackets! LOL! There is a Yellow Jacket Way road that goes into the high school campus and the logo looks exactly the same as Mount Vernon’s. I had to laugh out loud when I saw that! That is just too funny! I want to get some photos, but I don’t think about it unless we are passing it on the road. Now, how nifty is that? Leesburg High School link.

A horse is dangerous at both ends and uncomfortable in the middle. — Ian Fleming

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