Father’s Day

Fathers are such valuable people, it is hard to express it. I had a good one and he has been a wonderful influence on his children. He still is. He is creative, funny, and strong. I’m so glad he is mine. I love you, Dad.

Larry L. McFall, Sr.

This afternoon, after church, we were getting ready to go over and see Mamoo and take her over to see Papoo. I was eating lunch and got the urge to write a poem. I got a sheet of paper and a pencil and the following poem happened:


Johnny L. McCoy, Sr.

Quiet, strong, hard-working man,

Thinking, laughing, loving his own.

Up from poverty and discouraging toil,

Never was he heard to moan.

He spied the love of his life

Across the noisy, crowded room.

He pledged his life to her;

A life woven on a simple loom.

This man was a career sailor

Who often traveled far and wide,

Returning weary from his journeys,

Safely to his beloved’s side.

The children for whom he thoughfully cared

Are certainly blessed to call him Dad.

And, as for a father-in-law and friend,

He is the finest I have ever had.

As a father has compassion on his children,
so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him.

— Psalm 103:13

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