Picture of a Pitcher

This is a painting of a pitcher that I love. I just love collecting pitchers, mostly little ones, but this one is pretty big and lusciously curvy. I love it.

Pitcher with Tomatoes, oils on 11×14 canvas, $295.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, while planning my plunge back into oil painting after a couple of months, I was getting my supplies out and discovered that I am missing several large tubes of paint. I don’t have my black, ultramarine blue, burnt umber, and one of my whites. I don’t know what could have happened to them. LOL! Ron and I have looked this place over several times. Oh, well. I am learning how to paint with a limited palette, against my will.

I finally got around to reading the Miss Buncle series. I thought there were three, but there are four: Miss Buncle’s Book; Miss Buncle Married; The Two Mrs. Abbots; and The Four Graces. So good! Especially the first one. Miss Buncle is a spinster living in a small English village in the 1930’s. Due to the economy taking a dive, she loses her investment income and needs to find a way to make a living. After batting around a few ideas with her faithful servant who has been with her since she was a baby, she decided to write a book. She can’t think of anything to write about, so she writes about her village and the people in it. She gets it published under a pen name, John Smith. When the book comes out it all hits the fan! So funny. I highly recommend these books and any other books by D. E. Stevenson.

We woke this morning to a frost. Wow! The first frost in our new home. I opened the blinds and looked outside and said, “Is that frost?” LOL! Yes. Yes, it was. So, I took some photos, but you can’t really see it. Oh, I guess you can in the neighbors yards to the left. You can also see, across the street, some sheets on plants. It is warm out now (2:10 p.m.).

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

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