Laughing in the Wind

This is a charcoal sketch, about 8×10, on charcoal paper.

I have not found my missing paints, yet, but I am sure that they are watching me search for them and they are mocking me. LOL!

I am reading book two of the Isabel Dalhousie series by Alexander McCall Smith called “Friends, Lovers, Chocolate”. Book one: “The Sunday Philosophy Club” and this one are okay, but I don’t think I will continue in the series. They are not all that great for me to take the time to read them. A while back, I read his first book in the 44 Scotland Street series, which is the name of the book, also. I remember that it was rather boring, also, and I just didn’t pursue the series and forgot about it. What got me started on this series was that I got book two of the Isabel Dalhousie series for free on the cart outside the library bookstore. So, I wanted to start the series with book one and checked it out at the library. It was okay. I had the second one, so I thought I would give it one more chance. Chance over. Moving on.

The next book on my To Read list is a little locally published book called Dandelion: The Triumphant Life of a Misfit by Sheelagh Mawe. It was published around 1985 at a small publisher here in Orlando. It appears to be a children’s book, but we will see.

After that is my first foray into the thrillers of Margaret Truman, President Truman’s daughter. The one I have (free) is Murder at the Washington Tribune, written in 2005. I didn’t know she was still alive in 2005, but she published a couple more books after that.

A cheap old spiral notebook.

I am learning to use and love Bullet Journaling. I tried it a couple of years ago and it didn’t work for me (or I didn’t work it). I have been trying, all my life, to get my act together, so I came across this again and thought I would give it another try. It is working so well! I am amazed! If you look up Bullet Journal on the internet, you will find some of the most complicated and fanciest things around. That is not what I wanted. I need simple and flexible and, as Ron says, dynamic. And this is it. There is an ebb and flow about it that makes it live and it fits my scatter-brained style. I checked out the book by the creator of the bullet journal, called “The Bullet Journal Method” by Ryder Carroll, and that helped me get it up and running. I just could not use any of the tutorials online that had so many fancy stencils, lettering, drawings, colors, etc. You would think, as an artist, that I would love that stuff. I love to look at other people’s artistic bullet journals, but, for me, I need simple and plain. My art is separate from my bullet journal.

These are just a couple of pages that I would show, but I didn’t want to share what I had written, so I blurred them. But, you can see how plain they are. I do use a little color, but not much.

Mamoo finally had some pictures hung in her apartment. They will not allow anyone else to do it, they must do it themselves and it took them a long time to get to it. I would never have put them over a window, but that is really the only place available in the living room. It looks okay, considering… She likes it. And it looks much better than them sitting on the floor, leaning on the wall.

Closeups of my art that is on her walls:

I hope everyone is well and enjoying God’s beautiful art everyday.

Husband and wife are having a literary discussion whereby she voices her opinion and asks him if he understands her position. He says, “I hear you.” She says, “That is not the question that I asked.” He says, “That is not the answer that I gave.” — Anonymous (for obvious reasons…)

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