Scene From Our Window

This is what we see from our living room window. Well, not all of what we see. Using artistic license, I left out a LOT! The mobile homes here are so close together, that I could not get it to look right when putting all the stuff in the picture, so I made it look like there was only one home. Basically, I was loving on those trees…

I have a feeling I will be doing quite a few paintings of those trees. I love them. The big one is also a rookery, which I want to capture at some point. This is an 8×10 oil on panel which was done wet on wet.

This morning, I started soaking some quinoa for lunch and as I stirred it, I was fascinated by the pattern of the grains swirling in the water. So, got the camera and took some shots.

The quinoa was good, by the way.

I started reading Murder at the Washington Tribune by Margaret Truman, but I gave up. I got almost a quarter of the way through, but found myself wincing and not feeling good, so I decided not to read it. If you enjoy gritty hard crime thrillers, then they may be for you. I want to feel good when I read, so I go for cozy. I have decided to start Jan Karon’s Mitford Series again. So cozy, fun, and relaxing. I have a hardcopy of the bedside companion, which I quote from, below. But, in the meantime, I present my latest psalm to the Lord.

Of all situations for a constant residence, that which appears to me most delightful is a little village … with inhabitants whose faces are as familiar to us as the flowers in our garden; a little world of our own, close-packed and insulated like ants in an ant-hill, or bees in a hive, or sheep in a fold, or nuns in a convent, or sailors in a ship; where we know every one, are known to every one, interested in every one and authorized to hope that every one feels an interest in us.

How pleasant it is to slide into these true-hearted feelings from the kindly and unconscious influence of habit and to learn to know and to love the people about us, with all their peculiarities, just as we learn to know and to love the nooks and turns of the shady lanes and sunny commons that we pass every day.

… nothing is so delightful as to sit down in a country village in one of Miss Austen’s delicious novels, quite sure before we leave it to become intimate with every spot and every person it contains.

— as quoted by Jan Karon (from Our Village by Mary Russell Mitford) in her book The Mitford Bedside Companion

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